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Ginger about 1 month ago

Broccoli Cheddar Soup (Frozen)

The broccoli cheddar soup is AMAZING! It is better than homemade-Yum!!

Cherie about 1 month ago

Chicken BLT Salad (Keto/GF)

This salad is the bomb. Always made fresh. My go to when I'm hungry for a salad. I am pretty much bed bound due to cancer and Urban Pantry has come thru for my husband and me numerous times. Everything is delicious.

Bethany about 2 months ago

Beet Salad

I'm nervous about trying new things. With that being said, I couldn't imagine a more colorful and delicious salad than this Beet Salad. I never knew what I was missing until I had this salad. Loved all the flavors and brightness! Coming back for more.

Monicasamuels0731 about 2 months ago

Keto Chicken Verde Enchiladas (GF)

I can not get enough of this dish!! The flavor is amazing! It's filling and satisfying to the last bite. It is a must have for an easy go to meal while on keto.

Joiemette about 2 months ago

5 Keto Desserts

ALL of the Keto and Gluten Free options have been amazing!! I cant be thankful enough for Christine and her miracle chef(s). So awesome to have a place where we know we are safe to eat allergen free!!

Jmarsall 2 months ago

Asian Salad

One of the most delicious salads I have ever had and I love salads. The freshest vegetables, taste like just picked from the garden. I will definitely have this again.

Wmalgesini 2 months ago

Coconut Crusted Orange Chicken (GF)

Delicious meals. Loved everyone of them. Better than any restaraunt. Looking forward to our next batch coming on tuesday.

Sam422420 3 months ago

Coconut Crusted Orange Chicken (GF)

This dish is my favorite but I've had others. I prefer ordering online and picking up 48 hours. This company is marvelous and I only wish I found it sooner. When I first started ordering I had a question or two and always got emails or a phone call to clarify. I had a custom gluten free cheesecake done for a friend and it was amazing. They've also help plan meals for a friend going through chemo & the kindness is so real. Food is always excellent and they give me the impression that no request is too big or small.

Kathy 3 months ago

Mongolian Beef

This is the first meal I've eaten from here. It was really delicious!

Levtzowh 3 months ago

Beet Salad

I loved every bite of this. It's so refreshing. The ingredients go so well together, especially that vinaigrette. I'm loving that they have keto options and can't wait to try them.

Its 4 months ago

5 Keto Desserts

I had a pistachio cookie, and I could not believe how good it tasted. I was happy to learn they us Monk Fruit in many of their desserts as I prefer it's taste over the other sugar alternatives (i.e., stevia). Tasty keto desserts area rarity - this place does it right!

Wilsonalyssa357 5 months ago

Keto Lasanga Bolognese (Individual)

The BEST Keto lasagna I've ever had. Whenever I have a bad craving I always stop in and grab something delicious. All of their Keto and gluten free options are to die for. The customer service is always amazing as well. Thank you for the great food! Keto chocolate mousse is amazing too!

P3frogs 5 months ago

Keto Strawberry Cheesecake

This is so incredibly tasty and decadent! I love treats but really dislike making them. Having a Keto bakery close by is fantastic. Plus the service is friendly and quick.

Bieda 5 months ago

5 Keto Desserts

Ive tried many of their options, but with the sweet tooth I have, the keto desserts are my light and saving grace when I'm "on plan". Nutrient dense and flavor filled, a little goes a long way. Great job Urban Pantry, love your work.

Alykoneko about 1 month ago

GF Keto or Vegan Pizza

I follow a ketogenic lifestyle and stopped by to try the keto pizza here. Super good. We also took some desserts with us. Service is great too. Can't wait to go back and load up on all the delicious meals!

Saynat78 about 1 month ago

Tarragon Tuna Salad with Fennel Salt (Paleo/Keto/Whole 30/GF)

Delicious and fresh cold tuna salad to add to a green salad or on some pita. So fresh and wonderful either good for you ingredients. I've also had several of UP's salads. Always yummy and fresh! Hits the spot for a summer picnic. My favorite dish is a shrimp lettuce wrap they do. I didn't see it listed but the sauce is TO DIE FOR! I kept the leftover sauce and had it on eggs the next morning. We've also had the coconut crusted chicken with orange sauce. Delicious! The hospitality is wonderful at this establishment. They warmed up and cut up the chicken for us so it would be easy to eat it on our dinner boat cruise on Lake Stevens. Can't say enough good things about this place! Love it!

Kboe about 2 months ago

5 Soups

I love almost everything I've eaten from Urban Pantry, but the soups are wonderful! I keep several in my freezer for a quick, easy, hot meal with a nice roll. Delicious!

Hello about 2 months ago

Beet Salad

I was AMAZED as soon as I walked in, HEAVEN! The food was outstanding. I ordered the beet salad, added steak and the most delightful peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. I wanted to order it all! The take away food selection was divine, think elevated Whole Foods on steroids. Don't even get me started on the desert selection, cheesecake like I have never seen. As I was leaving a cheery sweet thank you was delivered by the owner genius Christine Noel. I stayed to chat for a bit, she treated me to a tasting of steak and gravy. WOW. She was delightful, and it was apparent how much joy her business brings her. Did I mention they cater & have take away dinners. FOR THE WIN!

Noodoe 2 months ago

Keto Chocolate Mousse

I finally decided to stop by and see what all the hype was about. My doctor, co-worker, and a couple friends told me how amazing this place is and urged me to check it out for myself. The staff and owner are so friendly and helpful. There are so many options. Of course, I had to get the dessert, but I also purchased the huge single portions of fresh and frozen meals, it haven't tried them yet. The mousse was amazing, not too heavy or artificially sweet. It hit the spot. I also got a sandwich and soup, both great, but the bison cowboy what ever soup was absolutely amazing, I could swim in it. On top of a great taste, the prices are reasonable, so I will definitely be back on a regular basis. So happy to have a resource that supports my dietary needs so close by.

Denelsonsoffice 2 months ago

GF Keto or Vegan Pizza

This was really good. I got it with marinara, goat cheese, pepperoni and sausage. I baked it for 15 minutes on 350 so quick and good are a win win..I bought some other meals and can't wait to try them. We had samples of soup that were delicious and left with 2 bowls to eat later.

Carla 3 months ago

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Chicken

This chicken is delicious!

Lauricakes 3 months ago

5 Keto Desserts

The keto Pistachio cream cake was AMAZING, so decedent. However, i wish everything had nutritionals on the label. Super frustrating to have a few items that do and others that do not.

Brognjon 3 months ago

5 Keto Desserts

Absolutely love them!!!!! Eating Keto sometimes can be hard and I feel like I miss out on sweets but these desserts hit the spot. They are fabulous.

Kroeze 3 months ago

Strawberry Pecan Salad

Loved every bite. Dressing was so so good and the chicken was so tender and had wonderful seasoning. Can't wait to have another one.

Sarah 4 months ago

Keto Lasanga Bolognese (Individual)

I have had food to go and eaten food at the restaurant. Wow!!! I have loved everything I tried there. From their entres to their sides and desserts. I love that they label everything that is in it and their flavors are amazing. Their lasagna was packed with flavor and tasted scrumptious. Makes eating healthier taste better than unhealthy which is not always the easiest. Also their food around Thanksgiving is to die for! I honestly haven't ever had turkey that is anywhere close. Theirs was not dry and had a butter sauce that made it all take juicy and delicious. Looking forward to it this fall.

Kaysieodell 5 months ago

Greek Salad

Eat salads I have ever ate!!!! This is my favorite place to grab and go and I plan to have them cater ASAP!!!

Scilia222 5 months ago

Beef Shepherd's Pie (Individual/GF)

I love the Shepard's Pie! I've also tried the quarter chicken, cauliflower rice, vegan lasagna and had ordered the Valentines dinner Prime rib..So good!

Brenda 5 months ago

Asian Salad

This is one of my favorites! Be sure to get the chicken with it and you have yourself a meal! Great for lunch.


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